By Cameron Enomoto | Staff Writer

Katelynne Madison is a 22-year-old student from Fairfield, New York. The second-year originally moved here to pursue a career in marine science, though along the way she found a passion for painting.

“At first I thought it would be kind of like a hobby, but I found myself doing it super often,” said Madison. “That’s when I kind of realized that I could actually make a career out of it and go to school for it.”

While she is deciding what degree to focus on, she is taking drawing and digital art classes to expand her knowledge of art mediums. At the moment, painting is her favorite, though she enjoys using hands-on materials to create, such as clay or beads. Madison hopes to create art inspired by the ocean to bring awareness to climate change issues like ocean acidification.

“I moved to Hawaiʻi because the university here is in a great location for ocean studies and I want to do my part to help with climate change, but now that Iʻve decided to focus on art I think I can help bring awareness in other ways,” said Madison.

During her free time, she loves exploring new beaches and visiting the Waikīkī Aquarium. Her favorite animal to see is the Hawaiian Monk Seal since they remind her of the seals she used to see near Staten Island.