Officially, these three organizations are called CSOs (Chartered Student Organizations). We were established to ensure that our students have everything that they need in order to succeed. Each portion of the triangle handles a different aspect of potential student needs.

Student Congress is the official channel between students and administration. As the official student voice, we work diligently to receive student feedback, concerns and input. We provide opportunities for students to practice and enhance their leadership skills while creating spaces that promote diversity and individual growth. We invite you to come visit our office any time in ʻIliahi 129 (next to Subway). If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at

Board of Student Activities (BOSA) is the organization that is in charge of campus activities. It makes sure that students have a way to socially interact with one another to keep a healthy and positive atmosphere within the campus. The activities range from ice cream and pizza socials to your occasional intramural sporting event. It is also open to suggestions regarding what activities students want to see on campus.

Board of Student Publications (BOSP) is the organization that is tasked with making sure that both the students and administrators are informed of all events that have/will happen concerning our campus. Advertising and written projects also fall within its domain.

The views on this page reflect those of Kapiʻolani Community College’s Chartered Student Organizations and not that of Kapiʻo News.