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  • Chie KodaChie Koda
    31 year old Chie Koda is a first year Art student from Tokyo, Japan. Before moving to Hawaiʻi on her own, she graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts. Koda decided to come here because KCC is cheap and she loves the beauty of Hawaiʻi. "I like bonding humans and nature together," Koda says, "and Hawaiʻi is the best place for that, with its nature ... its environment." She has always been interested in being an artist and nature is her favorite subject. After graduating, she hopes to either work at the Honolulu Museum of Art or become a teacher. She wants to teach young children art through nature. In her spare time, Koda enjoys swimming at Waikiki beach or creating paintings outside. She also likes to play the ʻukulele, having started after arriving on Oʻahu.