In a bid to increase public perception through higher rankings and the like, many private colleges aim to attract more students by offering state-of-the-art amenities that practically transform the campus into a country club. The rationale is that a more appealing campus will draw more students; in turn this may translate to higher enrollment and increased long-term revenue for the school.

According to Bloomberg Business, High Point University in North Carolina, a private four-year college, features a movie theater (snacks and drinks are complimentary) and outdoor hot tubs on campus. Critics say these frivolous amenities only burden students with higher tuition and more debt as construction costs swell to pay for the new campus amenities.

KCC is a public institution and therefore receives financial support from the state. Tuition increases go through a review process and cannot be raised arbitrarily for new luxuries on campus such as the hot tubs featured at High Point University. But, wouldn’t it be fun to imagine the hypothetical of KCC receiving an infusion of funds to pay for state-of-the-art amenities on campus?

Here’s how I would love to imagine how KCC would spend the money. This list is hardly feasible, but it’s fun to dream every once in a while. 

KCC Recreation Center: I don’t envision the type of gym environment you’d find at say 24 Hour Fitness in the new KCC recreation center. Nothing against 24 Hour Fitness — I’ve been a member in the past — but I’m thinking this space would be more dynamic. The KCC recreation center would feature an indoor track, climbing wall, basketball courts, yoga classes, a go-kart track (OK, maybe that’s a stretch). Regardless, it would be a place where KCC would host intramural leagues and sporting competitions amongst students, and, as a student, you could spend an afternoon here and never experience boredom. Students could also ditch their current (and expensive) gym memberships in favor of everything offered at the KCC recreation center. Because the recreation center would be constructed above the ʻŌhiʻa Cafeteria there would be panoramic ocean views from the floor-to-ceiling glass windows.

KCC Movie Theater: If High Point University has one, we’ll surely make ours bigger and better. As far as complimentary snacks go, the KCC movie theater will feature scrumptious local favorites prepared by our very own culinary students. Shave ice will also be permitted inside, unlike at other theaters in town. Sneak-peek screenings of Hollywood-produced films will also keep the KCC theater calendar busy and A-listers will be spotted on KCC’s campus rather frequently. Did I mention that the new KCC theater is also an IMAX theater?

Jason Tom Amphitheater: Since the Great Lawn on KCC’s campus is really just an obstacle you face on the way to class or the library (seldom do I see students cut across the grass), KCC should recreate this space and construct an amphitheater. The sloping lawn is perfectly suited for this construction. The stage could be at the base of the ʻŌhiʻa Cafeteria with rows of seats or benches extending up to the Kokio building. Once it’s complete, the Jason Tom Amphitheater (named after famed musician and KCC alumnus Jason Tom) would attract music groups wide and far. KCC would suddenly rival the Waikīkī Shell and Blaisdell Center for musical performances. Tickets for students would always be free unless a bidding war were to erupt when Bruno Mars schedules his next concert at KCC.  

Sam Choy Aquatic Center: I can’t actually comment on whether or not KCC alumnus and world-renown chef Sam Choy enjoys swimming, but as a former swimmer, I know one thing for certain. After a few laps or few hours in the pool you will have a ravenous appetite and any prior commitment to a diet becomes fantasy thinking. So, in that spirit, the Sam Choy Aquatic Center will have a world-class, Olympic-sized swimming pool complete with world-class dining facilities. Because you were wondering, the aquatic center will feature an outdoor hot tub that will be the envy of every student at High Point University.

Doris Duke Satellite Campus: After KCC acquires the Doris Duke property near Black Point the school will convert the space into a totally functional satellite campus. The Duke estate will then be converted into a multidisciplinary, academically minded study center, you know, with books and stuff. The pool floats and surfboards will be free to borrow and a shuttle will take students to and from KCC’s main campus. One lucky professor, chosen through a lengthy student-vetted process, will become chief resident of the new satellite campus. After announcing plans for the satellite campus KCC can expect enrollment to double.