By Nakoa Nunies | Staff Writer

What was the most difficult obstacle you’ve faced this semester?



Minfeng Yu
Age: 19
Hometown: China, Hong Kong
Major: Accounting

“Midterms is hard because you have to memorize all of the things that you’ve learned.”





Sarah Kim
Age: 18
Hometown: California, Livermore
Major: Liberal Arts

“Not procrastinating and keeping up with the work for all of my classes.”





Elise McKnight-Kim
Major: Pre-Nursing

“I would say scheduling classes with my work. I work in Kaimukī so it’s close to KCC.”





img_0697Jasteen Baldonado
Hometown: Honolulu, Hawai‘i
Major: Nursing

“My midterms for history, because the study guide covered most of the material but I didn’t know what to expect on the exam.”