Looking for a fun place to exercise in West Oʻahu? One place you could look to is iTrampoline Hawaiʻi. Located in Kapolei near the K1 Speed Go cart racing complex, iTrampoline provides specially designed trampolines for a better jumping experience and has enough space for fun activities such as dodgeball, basketball. iTrampoline also has a foam pit to jump into.

During Spring Break, I decided to try iTrampoline for the very first time. Before going, I was nervous because I had not jumped on a trampoline since I was a little kid. However, after about 10 minutes of jumping I got used to being on the trampolines and had a great time. 

Before attending iTrampoline, you must complete a liability waiver. No waiver equals no jumping. As usual, you must be 18 years old in order to sign the waiver. If you are younger than 18 years old, a parent of guardian must sign the waiver. There are two ways to do the liability waiver. The first way is to simply fill out the waiver at iTrampoline as you buy your tickets. The second way, is to fill out the waiver online before going to iTrampoline. I would recommend filling out the waiver online because it will make you check in at iTrampoline faster.

Purchasing a Jumping Pass:
There are two ways to purchase a Jumping Pass for iTrampoline. One way would be to purchase your jumping pass while you are at iTrampoline. The second way would be to purchase the jumping pass online right before you go. Once again I would choose the online option. Choosing the online option saves time at the check in and ensures you get you kama‘āina or military discount. Prices range from $12.50 (a 30-minute kama‘āina youth session) to $38 (a 120-minute adult general session).

How Long You Should Jump For:
At iTrampoline, there are four different intervals of time you can jump for. These intervals are 30, 60, 90, and 120 minutes. While this does not seem like a very long time, jumping will exhaust you much more quickly than you think. I had chosen the 90 minute interval and left feeling absolutely exhausted. I would recommend choosing the 60 or 90 minute intervals. 30 minutes is way too short and not enough time to do anything, but 2 hours is too long and you will probably spend 30 of those minutes resting since you will get so tired. 

What Activities Does iTrampoline Have:
iTrampoline has basketball, dodgeball, an arcade, and many different jumping pits. The first thing you should probably do is use the jumping pit. Doing this first will allow to to get used to jumping on the specialized trampolines. However, going to the dodgeball and basketball is an absolute must. It feels great to jump 5 feet over a ball that someone is trying to throw at you. It is also worth going and throwing down some monster dunks at the basketball hoop a few times. It was very satisfying for a short person like me to pretend I was NBA dunk champ Aaron Gordon and throw down some monster dunks.