By Mac Smith | Staff Writer

What’s the craziest injury you’ve ever had?

Jessica Kawaguchi

“I played the floor is lava. … I jumped from one couch to another and totally went over the side and broke my arm.”

Ashlyn Luckhurst 
Major: Liberal Arts

“I jumped off a ledge and there was loose gravel on top of the pavement, which caused me to slip and tear ligaments in both sides of my knee.”

Natanya Peck 
Age: 20
Major: Deaf Studies

“I both sprained and dislocated my thumb. … I was spinning rifles, and I managed to get my finger stuck in the trigger.”

Jonalyn Nacaryo 
Age: 18
Major: Nursing

“Appendix surgery.”

Kyler Kepa-Kapahua
Age: 18
Major: Liberal Arts

“I fell off a wall. … When I landed there were metal rods, and that is what broke my arm.”