Takanori Yoshikawa, a 21-year old aspiring director, is in his fifth semester at KCC and is working towards a BA in Creative Media from UH Mānoa.

“Before [here], I lived in Cleveland, Ohio, and even though it was great to live there and have that experience, not having a car there made too inconvenient,” Takanori said. “I came to Hawai‘i because I wanted to live in a bigger city that was a little more convenient. I wanted to challenge myself to improve in a new environment.”

Takanori is from Tokyo, Japan and has lived in Honolulu for almost two years. He spends his free time studying, golfing and playing pool with friends, making videos and watching movies; his favorite movies are “Disturbia” and “Shutter Island.”  Takanori also goes to the gym regularly, and he likes to play soccer.

“My name, in a way, means leadership,” Takanori said. “I think that being a director is like being a leader.”