By Ayoung Lee | Staff Writer

Whether it be for fun, to distract myself, to procrastinate, or just to fill that extra time, hobbies have always been there for me. I have gone through many different hobbies, some of which have not been so kind to my bank account and all of which have not been so kind to my ever-growing pile of stuff to clean. Let me walk you though some of the best hobbies I’ve had in no particular order.


A good sewing machine will cost at least $100, but the money saved by fixing your own clothes could save more in the long run. (Photo courtesy of Jiyoung Lee)

Probably the most utilitarian hobby I’ve picked up, you can learn to mend cloth items which saves money, alter big or small clothes to fit you better letting you save on deals, and even make your own. Boys, don’t be afraid to pick it up, clothes rip for everyone.

Cons: The machine is an investment that usually costs at least $100 for a decent one. Buying new cloth and lace to make your own items should you do so can cost a lot of money, however, there may always be people online willing to sell their extra cloth at a cheaper price than retail.


Another form of recycling, upcycling means to turn something you once used into something else that is useful. For example, I use old Altoid tins as a travel kit. Recycling cans and bottles is awesome. However, many of us who want to help the environment feel bad throwing stuff we don’t know how to recycle away. The solution? Upcycle.

Cons: You end up keeping stuff in your house because you don’t throw them away, so this lifestyle isn’t for anyone who moves often or has little to no space. I understand that we want to help the environment, but you are also important and if your lifestyle does not allow it then it is NOT your fault.

Making Your Own Yarn

You don’t need a wheel. I needed to say that first because when people think of making yarn they think of the people sitting by that wheel and just going at it like Sleeping Beauty. Well you can do that, or for beginners and people who want a cheaper alternative… you can use a top or a drop spindle. There are many videos and written instruction online on how to go about doing it but if you pick up knitting, you will have your own yarn to knit.

Cons: You need to either buy wool tops (not the clothing), roving, or clouds. The cheapest of these being around $15 per pound. Beginners like me may end up going through them quickly in practice or by messing up our first few batches.

Resin Making

Making things with resin is the new booming trend. My sister and I got into mechanical keyboards (and she is still very much into them) and decided to make our own keycaps. For those not in the know keycaps are just what they sound like, caps for your keys. In mechanical keyboards you can take a key off and put a new one on. Mostly on the F1 – F12 row as it is decorative and too much pressing can wear them down. Resin is required to make keycaps and while it was fun, and we got to be creative it took its own toll.

Cons: The price to buy the epoxy resin liquid is around $25 for 16 ounces. Also, you need to make a silicone mold of what you want to make, and that silicone is around $30 average for a decent workable amount. It is nice to look at yourself but not everyone may be willing to buy it. If you really want no bubbles you may need a heat gun which is another investment.

Finding a lovely knick knack makes antiquing a worthwhile hobby.(Photo courtesy of Jiyoung Lee)


Many may call it junk and may not understand but vintage items and antiques are quite an interesting category. A lot of it you probably had in your childhood, most of it your parents or grandparents could tell you about. Me? I love them because I could never afford them. They are the toys my family could never buy me. I also love them because they hold history. These may have once been someone’s prized possession. Someone may have talked to their boyfriend once a day everyday on this landline. And yet another may have had tea parties galore with this tea set. History is something that is important to me and in saving these from the landfills, I am saving these in my memory.

Cons: Not all knick knacks are cheap. Typically, the older they are the more expensive they are. It also depends on the availability it had and the circulation of it, material, and so on. So in short. Your space will get smaller as your collection grows and so will your bank account.