Dr. Nasir Gazdar, who is the only lecturer on the geology of the Hawaiian Islands. Despite being a lecturer for 25 years at over 70-years-old he is not a full time professor. Gazdar got his PhD from Texas but came back to the islands to teach as he finds the Hawaiian Islands to be the best ecological environment. Though he feels lucky to be able to teach classes at KCC, he also gets invited to share his knowledge and learn at other conventions and universities, sometimes on other islands such as Maui.

In addition to his classes, he does lectures on the importance of earthquake and tsunami safety once a year in the Lama library. Gazdar heralds the importance of dropping down low, taking cover under something sturdy, and holding on during earthquakes. During this special annual lecture, he also hands out pamphlets that inform you of which supplies are needed and recommended to have in case of tsunamis.