By Nicole Fernandez | Staff Writer

Word on the Street: If you could live in any movie, which one would you choose and why?

Danny Battles 
Age: 24
Hometown: Chicago
Major: Biology

“Um … does it have to be a movie, can it be a show? Okay, I would pick … this is hard actually. Okay, I’d say ‘Fast and the Furious’ just ’cause of my love of cars … ‘Tokyo Drift’ [laughs]. It’s the best one, mainly because it’s based in Japan and Japan is the best place.”

Charmaine Costales 
Age: 19
Hometown: Honolulu
Major: Special Education

“I would say ‘Aquaman.’ There was the girl [Mera] on there … I chose that movie ’cause I feel … I feel like it’s unique to be living … to live on land and underwater. I feel it’d be really [cool] if it was a real thing.”

Dean Rivera
Age: 18
Hometown: Salt Lake
Major: Nursing

“I would say … ‘The Little Mermaid,’ I guess [laughs]. I guess I could swim underwater, under the sea, you know. I like that, the musical aspect of it, too.”

Nicole Gianetti 
Age: 19
Hometown: Italy
Major: Natural Sciences

“That’s a difficult question [laughs]. I think I’d live in the ‘Interstellar’ movie. Yeah, because it’s kind of catastrophic at first, but then there’s the father that has the possibility to save humanity and the whole world, [he] went on an interstellar journey. And I am really interested because I would like to take the same journey, exploring, and with the aim of doing something for humanity. I would be a bit worried [of the time warp], but it’s a kind of scientific … science that interests me.”

Kepoʻo Amina
Age: 19
Hometown: Kapahulu
Major: Liberal Arts

“Live in any movie? If anything, just off the top of my mind, I would live in ‘Moana,’ just because of how the whole nature scenery is and the whole aspect of culture in it, the Polynesian culture.”