By jared page | Staff Writer

Word on the Street: Are you worried about the coronavirus? Has it affected how you go about your day?

Vanessa Ranon
Age: 23
Hometown: Honolulu
Major: Pre-Nursing

 “It’s definitely scary since it’s approaching a pandemic status right now. It’s especially frightening for me, being a medical student, since it’s new and we don’t have a cure for it. I’ve been wearing a medical mask when using public transportation as a precaution.”

Daniel Melzack
Age: 18
Hometown: California
Major: Liberal Arts

 “I’m not worried about coronavirus. It’s mostly affecting children and the elderly. I think it will pass.” 




Aaron Domogma
Age: 20
Hometown: Philippines
Major: Civil Engineering

“I think it will affect us in the United States, but hopefully not as much as China. It will probably run its course. Some of my family members are worried because they ride the bus.” 


Brandon Lau
Age: 20
Hometown: Honolulu
Major: Information Technology

“I’ve heard of some cases of coronavirus on the mainland. I think China is having a hard time because they were caught off-guard, but everyone else has a chance to prepare.”  

Chevy Ishido 
Hometown: Honolulu
Major: Early Childhood Education 

“I think it could be a major problem here since lots of people travel to and from Hawai’i. I’m more serious about washing my hands now.”