By Estefania Magdalena | Staff Writer

Summer is almost around the corner and it is inevitable to think about all the goals that we would like to achieve.

I was excited for a long time because I thought that I would be able to qualify as an international student to be able to work on campus full time in something that would enrich me professionally, but due to the pandemic, that plan has been dissolved until further notice.

I also believed that I would be able to travel to Argentina or Europe to visit family and friends, but due to the current situation, that plan has also had to be postponed.

I don’t feel sad or frustrated because I know that we are all going through the same situation. It is not something particular that happens to me, it happened to all of us and we all have to try to continue having a positive attitude.

“When life gives you lemons, you have to make lemonade,” my grandfather born in Spain said, and that is exactly what I want to do.

With all the free time I have, I will take advantage to surf every day and exercise. That helps my mind and body a lot to stay positive. I also plan to visit those magic hideaways on the island that I always like to visit when I need a little light.

I try to understand the changes that the world is going through in a holistic way, so as not to close in on myself to the belief that my plans have been ruined. The positive connotation must come from the inside out in order to be shared with others.

If we have the chance to work on ourselves this summer, I would like to be able to practice a lot of laughter: genuine and priceless, coming from the bottom of the heart and shared just for pleasure.

However, another of my plans aside from getting lost in nature, laughter, and friends, will be to start writing a fiction book. It will help me to reconnect with those aspects of my personality which always make me return to the most intimate of myself, and to which many times due to lack of time I do not want to pay attention.

Sharing a coffee with a friend we love very much, laying on the roofs to watch the stars, writing some letters to those who left but who still are in our hearts, sharing a sunset surfing with my friends. Slowly but surely, deconstructing ourselves day by day to learn to unlearn, let’s leave the planning agendas aside and start living as if this day was the only thing we have. That is all my plan for this summer and my wish to you all.