By Cameron Enomoto | Staff Writer

Looking to make a difference on campus? The UH student callers are hiring.

The student callers are responsible for reaching out to University of Hawaiʻi alumni to fundraise for scholarships, programs, equipment, and other valuable resources that enhance the student experience for all of the campuses within the UH system. When students are not on the phone with someone, they are in meetings with the deans and chancellors of each college. These meetings allow the callers to learn about different opportunities to raise money and help the administration and student body in every aspect possible.

“If you want to build your resume, improve your communication skills, work on campus, and make a difference at UH, then this is the job for you,” said Bryce Linsangan, one of the current UH student callers.

Students from all UH campuses are welcome to apply for a position. All of the skills needed for the job can be learned at the call center located on the Mānoa campus. A three-day paid training course is required before getting started with calling. Shifts are typically worked on Sunday afternoons and in the evenings on Monday through Thursday. Schedules are flexible, which allow students to take care of school-related obligations and earn money during their free time.

“It’s an amazing opportunity to raise money for your college and to make connections with donors as well as the higher-ups on campus,” said Linsangan. “You can truly make a difference the lives of other people with the work that we do.”

The call center is located on the Mānoa campus and the last training class for fall recruitment is on Monday, Sept. 27. Students can find the link to the application here. Questions can be directed to the Instagram page of the UH student callers at @uh_studentcallers.