The Giveaway Shop featured tables of free items for KCC staff and students. (Photo by Kaithlyn Villanueva)

By Kaithlyn Villanueva | Staff Writer

The Office of Student Activities hosted its very first Giveaway Shop that consisted of donated items offered for free for KCC students, faculty and staff. By the time it was ready to start on the Great Lawn on Feb. 17, there was a long line of people waiting to be checked in to snoop around the shop.

One got a microwave, another grabbed a speaker, one found shoes.

“I think some people can’t afford some stuff, so this event is very helpful for them,” said Alex Chau, a 24-year-old who is from Peru and is also part of OSA.

This event was a way to save one’s money and find enjoyable items that satisfy everyone and see how much the community can give back. About 50 people signed up to attend, from students to professors.

OSA did a “great job” with making this event come to life, said Rosa Blanca, who is part of the OSA team that started coming up with the Giveaway Shop in December.

“When we sent out an email that we are accepting donations, [and] a lot of people came through and helped us out,” Blanca said.

Mounds of clothes on tables were laid out on tables on the Great Lawn. There were various home goods, like coffee mugs to multiple sets of antique plates. Many items didn’t even make the tables as there were boxes still packed on the ground.

Having a variety of things made more people come in and check everything out since the diversity of free items attracted more people.

“In my opinion, it’s very useful and it helps towards new students,” said Mohammadamik Mahmanzar, a Kapi‘olani student who is majoring in Liberal Arts. “They can find things that they need, yet they don’t need to pay, which is the best part.”