The Office of Student Activities has been hosting UDG (Unity, Diversity, Ganbatte) Dance Workshops since this semester and there is one coming up next month.

It is a workshop that lasts two hours and is open to students, faculty, and staff. It is accessible to attendees of different skill levels and teaches hip-hop dance.

“They’re really teaching it from the beginning. Slowly, slowly. I’m enjoying it. I’m gonna come again to the next event if they’re going to do it,” said Snigdha Mallick, a KCC student who attended the event.

The UDG Dance Workshop was originally simply an idea played with by OSA members and then they eventually decided to start it for real. Their first was on January 21st and held over Zoom due to the pandemic with nine attendees.

The second and most recent UDG Dance Workshop held on February 25th was in-person at the Maile Building. There were ten people attending it on-campus and one person over Zoom.

“We’re very grateful and we really appreciate everyone for their time coming to our workshop and supporting us, supporting OSA, and supporting KCC, for everything. We encourage everyone to get active,” said Queenie Palu, one of the OSA members behind the event.

The UDG Dance Workshop held on February 25th had 10 people attending and was taught by David Ko and Risa Ushikubo, two KCC students. The latter taught her original hip-hop choreography to everyone to the tune of “I Need A Girl (Part 2) [feat. Loon, Ginuwine & Mario Winas]” by Diddy.

“I can make a place to, what is it, meet people and make friends because this semester, during this time, we can see people, in-person, not so much, “said Ushikubo.

People also danced to other recently popular songs such as “Leave the Door Open” and “Smoking out the Window,” both by Bruno Mars. 

“It’s my first time to learn hip-hop but it was so very fun,” said Reika Komai, another attendee and KCC student.

“I feel like KCC doesn’t usually do this kind of stuff, so it’s really fun to be dancing… I hope KCC does more stuff like this in the future,” said Esther Tang, a KCC student and another first-time attendee.

The next workshops are planned to be held next month and will be announced on their Instagram, where you can also see pictures and videos of previous events.

Keep an eye out for updates from OSA on when the next UDG Dance Workshop will be.