Kamea McMillan Zilberman is a 19-year-old student in his first year at Kapi’olani Community College.

He was born on the island and his hometown was in Waimanalo. Then when he was 6, he moved to the mainland. He spent three years in California and another three years in Michigan. He moved back and feels there’s a big difference in weather and attitudes.

Zilberman attended Henry J. Kaiser High School and during his college visits, he came to Kapi’olani Community College’s campus and immediately liked it.

“I met some of the teachers, got to go around the campus, and I really liked it. And it’s got really good food,” Zilberman said.

He enjoys attending Kapi’olani Community College, although the pandemic changed the experience a bit from what he was expecting at first.

“First semester was really weird because it was all online,” he said. “… This is the first semester I actually come to campus, which has been great. It’s so nice here, actually. Almost always sunny, the wind is great, the breeze.”

He’s majoring in Engineering and has always loved science in all of its forms.

“I found engineering really interesting, electrical engineering especially,” Zilberman said. “And when I came here, actually, I realized there were so many more specified fields. … I’m hoping to check them all out.”

Zilberman plans to most likely transfer to the University of Hawai‘i but is still deciding what would be best for his future path.