By Cameron Enomoto | Staff Writer

Jalene Ferguson is a 31-year-old student who is in her fifth semester at KCC. She is currently a voice performance major and plans to transfer to UH Mānoa to complete her degree. Ferguson is a part-time student and has a lot to manage between schoolwork and her career.

“Right now I work as part of the admin department for a maternal-fetal medicine group,” she said. “We specialize in high-risk pregnancies, especially for women who are pregnant and have diabetes.”

Ferguson describes her job as both challenging and rewarding.

“Sometimes I get tired after work and then I have to go to class or do assignments,” she said.

Prior to getting married, Ferguson lived in Waiʻanae. She loved being in the country and shared that the community was calm in comparison to Waipiʻo, where she lives with her husband today. During her free time, Ferguson is involved in ministry for her church and volunteers her time doing food drives for local food banks.