BOSA’s haunted house will scare students on Friday. (Photo by Juri Dagio)

By Juri Dagio | Staff Writer

This year, the Board of Student Activities (BOSA) is organizing a haunted house in celebration of Halloween. Marin Suzuki, a 19-year-old Liberal Arts major, who has been working as the public relations recruitment officer for BOSA for two years, talked about the theme of the haunted house.

“When we decided to do a haunted house, we have several ideas about themes,” she said. “We had a whole movie day as a group; we watched movies, then we are able to get an inspiration from a movie, so we decided to go with it.”

BOSA originally planned to create a Hawaiian themed haunted house, but after talking with a Hawaiian studies professor, they changed the workers’ minds.

“Some people might become offended about the theme of Hawaiian stories, so we had to change it.” Suzuki said.

As well as the original idea, the members planned to create a storyline about a girl haunting on campus. After several voting and discussions, the students ultimately decided to make a horror house inspired by Stephen King’s “IT.” The haunted house will only be open on Friday from 3-7 p.m. in the ʻIliahi building.

The Office of Student Affairs (OSA) staffs makes props for the Halloween event. (Photo by Juri Dagio)

“We’re going to have a clown; at the same time, we’re going to have random stuff too.” She said.

Suzuki said participants will have to look for Georgie’s (one of “IT’s” main characters) shoes to escape the maze inside the horror house and the mission should take around 3-5 minutes to complete.

Although BOSA wishes to run a successful horror house for students, there are some challenges along with it.

“BOSA members are all students,” Suzuki said. “It’s hard for us to schedule time, not everyone is going to be here at the same time.”

Braydon Pablo, 18, a Civil Engineering student who started working for the Office of Student Activities (OSA) this semester, is also part of building the interior of the event.

“It’s hard because of how much we have to set up,” he said. “We have to put all the paper on the wall to block it out, we had to use palettes; we also have to make the costumes.”

The attraction is free. The workers will welcome all walk-ins but will also have an RSVP form online that is available on @kccbosa on Instagram. The event will also feature a photo zone, cookie decorating, and other freebies.

Besides the Halloween event, BOSA will also host a Winter Music Festival on Dec. 9. Participating performers who can sing and play musical instruments will have until Nov. 17 to audition. Auditionees are required to send a performance video via Google form that is available on Instagram.

For more information about the upcoming Halloween event and auditions for the Winter Music Fest, contact