By Shawna Takaki | Staff Writer

Word on the Street: Where would you pick if you could only eat at one restaurant for the rest of your life?

Bazialy Munoz
Age: 18
Hometown: Salt Lake, Oʻahu
Major: Culinary Arts

“I would eat at Zippy’s for the rest of my life. Just because it has the basic local foods.”

Antonio Benton
Age: 18
Hometown: Makiki, Oʻahu
Major: Accounting

“GEN. I love Korean barbecue a lot, especially pork belly. I really love that. It’s like my favorite meat. I also go there with friends when we want to celebrate a birthday or accomplishment. It’s just a nice setting to eat at.”

Chantal Williams
Age: 18
Hometown: Business
Major: Honolulu, Oʻahu

“I’m just gonna say California Pizza Kitchen, why not. … I just love their food, it’s just so flavorful. Like their cake, red velvet cake. I’d eat that for the rest of my life.”

Roy James Schemadovits
Age: 18
Hometown: Waikiki, Oʻahu
Major: Culinary Arts

“The Counter. Burger place at Kāhala Mall. Even though it’s heart attack inducing.”

My Nguyen
Age: 37
Hometown: Kapahulu, Oʻahu
Major: Liberal Arts

“Probably a Vietnamese restaurant. … I just feel like, I’m Vietnamese, so I just like to eat a lot of their food. They always have a variety of things, and a lot of it has fresh vegetables.”