By Cameron Enomoto | Staff Writer

Corbin Lewis is a second-year student at KCC who is majoring in Liberal Arts. The 20-year-old is currently a part-time student and plans to continue taking a small number of courses each semester.

“I have a part-time job at Kāhala Longs Drugs,” Lewis said. “I work in the customer service section.”

His plans entail transferring to Chaminade to finish his Bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts. Additionally, he is also interested in airplanes and flight school.

“I think my favorite airplane is a Lockhead C-130 Hercules,” Lewis said. “I was thinking about going to flight school after college maybe. There’s an aviation service in Lagoon Drive that I was considering.”

Lewis is currently enrolled in ART 113 and carries his artwork to and from class. He has enjoyed drawing since he was a child and his favorite medium to work with is charcoal.

Outside of school, he enjoys playing video games on his PC and PS3. While Lewis doesn’t have a favorite game in particular, he likes racing games the most. In high school, Lewis participated in paddling and he currently paddles for the Outrigger Canoe Club.

“I also like making new friends and I am looking for a romantic relationship as well,” Lewis said. “I think so far I have met nice people at KCC and I like it here.”