By Cameron Enomoto | Staff Writer

Word on the Street: What is the most overrated Valentine’s gift?

Abigail Dumlao
Age: 18
Hometown: Waimānalo, Oʻahu
Major: Liberal Arts

“I would say roses just because roses can be given on days other than Valentine’s day.”

Rachel Ioane
Age: 18
Hometown: Pavaʻiaʻi, American Samoa
Major: Biology

“I don’t think anything is overrated and chocolates and flowers could be fair game.”

Anthony Lau
Age: 19
Hometown: Kalihi, Oʻahu
Major: Digital Cinema

“The heart box chocolates are so basic. I think roses are fine, but a box of chocolates is kind of lazy. Unless they’re the chocolates that the person you’re gifting them to specifically likes, then it’s okay.”

Kaeton Jurado
Age: 20
Hometown: Honolulu, Oʻahu
Major: Business

“Squishmallows are overrated. I used to like them and I see them all the time. I bought a big Squishmallow for over $200 once.”

Gabby Abbey
Age: 23
Hometown: Honolulu, Oʻahu 
Major: New Media Arts

“The Pandora necklaces that you can put your handwritten initials on are overrated. Since you can engrave your own handwriting it’s really janky.”