Author: Jazmyne Pennington

Kaira Verdugo

Kaira Verdugo is a 19-year-old Natural Sciences major from Honolulu. She plans to pursue a degree in Forensics after graduating from KCC.

“I like the fact that I could bring closure to families, if something bad were to happen,” she said.

After high school, Verdugo took a year off and went to Guam, where she worked with her uncle at his business consulting firm. She decided that she wasn’t interested in that career path and returned to O‘ahu to enroll at Kapi‘olani Community College.

In her free time, Verdugo likes to do karate, read, and watch Netflix.

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Loreto Mendoza Jr.

Loreto Mendoza Jr. is a 25-year-old from Maui and is currently in the Respiratory Care Program at Kapiolani Community College.

After graduating high school, Mendoza was a combat engineer in the U.S. Marine Corps. He specialized in working with explosives and urban breaching. In 2014, Mendoza deployed to Afghanistan with a B billet as a 240 Bravo machine gunner.

Mendoza enjoys the Respiratory program because of the opportunity to work with people. 

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  • Gunner WoundyGunner Woundy
    Gunner Woundy is a 24-year-old KCC student wrapping up his pre-requisites in order to transfer to UH West Oʻahu to pursue a bachelor's degree in Business Management. Having already received an associate degree in Culinary Arts, the Honolulu native said he drew an interest toward the culinary field since he learned how to cook from his grandmother. Anticipating the transfer to UH West Oʻahu, Woundy said that he hopes to learn about how to effectively run a business in the culinary field. Woundy hopes to open one of his own small shops or a big company in the future. Woundy works as a baker at Hy's Steakhouse in Waikīkī where he enjoys being able to whip together desserts and cakes. During his free time, Woundy enjoys experimenting with food recipes, his specialties being in sandwiches and baking.