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  • Marcus Fikse-ThompsonMarcus Fikse-Thompson
    Marcus Fikse-Thompson is the coordinator for KCC's culinary arts Hawaiʻi Cook Apprenticeship program and Hawaiʻi Restaurant Management Apprenticeship program. Originally from Granite Falls, Wash., the 32-year-old got into his position as program coordinator in May 2017 after building a connection with Ronald Takahashi, KCC's culinary arts department chair. The two worked together to bring these apprenticeship programs to life and were able to do so with the help of receiving a grant from the Department of Labor and Industrial Relations. "It's a really incredible program, I love this job mainly because it feels like I work for a non-profit in a lot of ways because I get to go out to restaurants and go out to the community and tell people about opportunities for them to be able to get free culinary training," Fikse-Thompson said.  With both programs lasting about 25 to 30 weeks long, Fikse-Thompson said he is hoping to recruit more people to take part in these programs. Those who are interested can apply online for the next round which will begin on March 25 for the Hawaiʻi Restaurant Management Apprenticeship program and March 29 for the Hawaiʻi Cook Apprenticeship program.