The staff writers of Kapiʻo News weighs in with their new year’s resolutions.

Lexus Yamashiro

“With the new year approaching, I definitely want to establish efficient time management so that I won’t have to stay up late every night doing homework. I have a bad habit of procrastinating and not prioritizing my time, so I would want to start over and keep myself more focused. Also, I want to somehow start getting into the habit of working out; college has me stress eating and I’ve noticed a bit more fluff on me. I just hope that the new year will bring me more blessings and opportunities to take!”

Gavin Arucan 
“I don’t really have any resolutions; it’s just not a tradition I believe in or care for. I think I did a good job balancing school, work, and my social life this year so I just hope that continues in 2017.”

Kayla Valera
“My 2017 new yearʻs resolution is to do more for others by being a part of something that helps those in need. I also hope to also be a better vegan throughout the new year and concentrate my efforts into my schoolwork; in which case Iʻll finally decide upon a major.”

Chris Takahashi
“Since the new year is always a great time to try out new things, I think I’ll take a chance with the bulletproof diet. More butter, more coconut oil, more fat, and much less sugar. I’ll probably have to check my cholesterol levels at some point to make sure they don’t spike and that the diet has some merit.”