If you could have any superpower in the world, what would it be and why?

Ryan Burciaga

Age: 28
Hometown: ʻAiea, Hawaiʻi
Major: Nursing

“So any superpower would be like Nightcrawler’s ability to teleport anywhere so I don’t have to sit and be stuck in traffic or find parking at KCC.”



Haitam Lamqaddem

Age: 20
Hometown: Casablanca, Morocco
Major: Economics and Mathematics

“Superman. Like being strong and flying to save people. (And) when you can see people (to know what they’re doing). ”



Isabel Curb

Age: 18
Hometown: Honolulu, Hawaiʻi
Major: Social Working

“Superpower … super agility most definitely. Like it seems benign, but you’d never trip, you’d never make yourself look stupid, you know. I feel like that’d have a lot of interesting … applications. And I’d have the coolest super costume ever. It’d be very pink, and very flashy and gaudy.”





Diane Famorca

Age: 18
Hometown: Kalihi, Hawaiʻi
Major: Liberal Arts

“What is that where you snap your fingers and you appear where you want to be? (Teleportation?) Yeah, because I hate walking and I’m always late to places and it’s because of travel time. I never accommodate for those, so yeah.”




Ronnie Kauanoe

Age: 18
Hometown: Kahaluʻu, Hawaiʻi
Major: Computer Science

“Favorite superpower … um, well, if you were gonna choose something that wouldn’t require you to take so much responsibility for the world, I would say the ability to touch a book and to know all of its contents by heart. That’s a really good one because you can go to a library and learn every piece of information there is to know. If you’re gonna have a power, it shouldn’t be something that’s gonna make you become a hero or a villain.”