Author: Kayla Valera

Alan Tupou

Alan Tupou is a third-year student at KCC who will soon graduate next semester with a degree in pre-engineering. Tupou grew up in Pālolo, Oʻahu but has recently moved with his family to Kaimukī. Before attending college, Tupou was homeschooled and said that in the meantime, he would also work a lot and make money through the his family’s concrete business and would specialize in masonry.

He made his way to KCC with the help of Aunty Keolani, the head coordinator for the Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) program at KCC, and had met her through his friend who was married to her daughter. Before he transfers to the college of engineering at UH Mānoa, Tupou hopes to narrow down a field in engineering, either civil or mechanical, that he will pursue for his four-year degree. 

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Li-Anne DelaVega

Li-Anne DeLevega has worked at the KCC Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) center as a PEEC II Recruitment & Retention Specialist since March 20 of this year. Her work under the PEEC II grant includes handling purchases, managing the budget, as well as recruiting students. DelaVega helps to make engineering majors aware of projects that coincide with their interests and engage in community outreach. One of the things that  DelaVega finds exciting about her job is seeing students’ passion for technology, which is something that she shares a love for as well.

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Voices & Views

  • Yilin WanYilin Wan
    Yilin Wan, a 20-year old aspiring psychologist, is preparing to graduate from KCC and will be transferring to UH Mānoa to pursue a BA in Psychology next semester. “I am very excited to go back to China for the summer,” Yilin said. “Most of my friends back in China who are in college will not be on summer break until July, but I will spend time with family before seeing them.” Yilin is from Wuhan, China, and has lived on O‘ahu for almost four years. She currently spends her free time studying for upcoming finals but still makes time for watching anime, her current favorite being “Kino’s Journey.” Yilin also works as a note taker on campus and is currently taking Chinese 290 as a native Mandarin speaker. “While I am home for the summer I will travel to Guangzhou, Liuzhou, and Shanghai,” Yilin said. “I hope to go to Disneyland while in Shanghai.”