Ben Browning is a second-year student attending KCC. He transferred from Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, Washington, where he studied kinesiology during his first year. Now at KCC, Browning says that family is what influenced him the most to attend college. He comes from a background where most of his family have attended college, to which he said they are all happy that he has chosen to attend school. Browning values learning new things and is considering majoring in Political Science after taking an American studies course.

With the travel ban that President Trump has signed into executive order, Browning said he stands against it as he believes that it will create mistrusts between the United States and other countries.

“Once you start giving certain freedoms up for security, it leads to more freedoms being lost,” Browning said.

Politics aside, Browning said that he hopes that the campus will allow students to get around with skateboards since he does so himself. He said it’s convenient for him to get to and from classes via his skateboard, but will often get told to stop since it’s not allowed. As a “shout out” to the skateboarding community, he hopes that the campus will be more accepting of skateboarders.