The chemistry club, also known as The Ungraduated Cylinders, was founded just this semester by Dr. Kathleen Ogata, a professor at KCC who primarily teaches chemistry courses. She figured that besides there being the tutoring center at the STEM building where students can receive help with chemistry, there should also be a club out there for serious chemistry majors who may want to pursue a career geared towards chemistry.

The newly minted club and its members have already delegated a four of its members as club officers: Cyrus Ma, president; Alyson Shoji, vice president; Leah McCabe, secretary; and Portia Yee, treasurer.

As of now there are six members of the chemistry club who were once students of Dr. Ogata. In the future, the club hopes to garner more chemistry majors and engage them in activities that would help further their experience in their field.

One of the club’s first public event took place at the KCC International Day outside of the Lama Library. Borrowing a dewar from the Culinary Department for the liquid nitrogen, club members froze kimi balls and handed it out to students.

Recently, the club members also came together to  view a webinar with the ACS (American Chemistry Society) on the topic of sports. The webinar consisted of a few speakers who discussed the relation between chemistry in sports, in which members also interacted with the video and tested their knowledge with games and trivia.

On Friday, March 3, the club will be reaching out to Kaimukī Middle School students where club members will make ice cream with the students to pique their interest in chemistry. This collaboration is a part of KCC’s own Kuilei Outreach Program project. Other people from KCC’s campus will be showcasing things that they’re passionate about to seventh and eight graders.

If you are interested in joining the chemistry club, email the club at To learn more about any upcoming events, visit the club’s website here.