Cassidy “Cass” Siegrist is approaching his second year at Windward Community College (WCC) while taking classes at KCC to fulfill his pre-engineering credits. Siegrist originally hails from Roanoke, Virginia but has lived in a number of states and countries throughout his service in the military. After getting out of the air force Siegrist moved to Hawaiʻi, which is where he has been for the past six years and currently resides in Kalihi.

What inspired Siegrist to get back into school was his newfound hobby of creating lightsabers. Siegrist figured that besides teaching himself the basics behind micro-controller in order to program his realistic lightsabers, he might as well learn more about the field of electrical engineering by enrolling into a community college. For the past six weeks, Siegrist was involved in Pre-engineering Education Collaborative II (PEEC II) program, which was hosted on KCC’s campus. This coming Fall semester, Siegrist will still be in circulation on campus as he attends a Physics 170 course.