By Lexus Yamashiro | Staff Writer

First-year student Cameron Herrick eagerly attended the Legacy Club’s first meeting on Friday, September 15. Herrick, a Liberal Arts major who plans to go into Paramedicine, expressed interest for the new club by signing up at NSO Part III. After attending the first meeting, she immediately signed the club form to become an official member.

The Legacy Club, which was in the process of being organized during Spring 2017 but is now active for the first time, was created for the purpose of promoting a social and cultural experience on campus as well as to enhance the sense of community for students, faculty, and staff. Now officially running from the start of the Fall 2017 semester, the club is working to create a mission statement that will fulfill the vision of wanting to create and leave a legacy behind at KCC for the following generations to come.

“I don’t really know much people here, so I feel like [joining the Legacy Club] would be a good way to meet more people that go to this school,” Herrick said, who is from Maui. “I’m excited for it to be … actually working on a legacy, like, what the club is named for. They did say that they would introduce what a legacy is to us so I wanted to … learn more about it and start it.”

Throughout the semester, active club members can look forward to discussing possible events that they would like to participate in, whether they are for fun or one that will give back to the community. Suggestions such as bowling, movie night, feeding the homeless, and creating Legacy Club cookbooks were made at Friday’s meeting, which members (excluding alumni) will get to vote on later.

“[With these events, hopefully members can] learn more about [themselves], and about the surrounding community of this school that we go to while building a bond with other members of this campus community,” said Kapilialoha Kidder, the president of Legacy Club.

Meetings will be held at least once a month to keep club members updated. Attendance at all meetings is optional, but students are encouraged to attend to stay informed. Emails will be sent out after every meeting to all active members to recapitulate what was discussed.

Having no club fees, the Legacy Club is open to any students enrolled in at least one credit on campus and alumni who have completed at least 12 credits. Regular members are required to attend at least two events per semester while alumni are required to attend only one event to maintain an active membership. Membership is open for one academic school year; students who would like to reactivate their membership will have to fill out the club form again for the following school year.

First-Year Experience (FYE) assistant coordinator Rob Yamashita oversees the Legacy Club as the staff advisor while three appointed student officers collaborate to keep the club active and engaged. Kapilialoha Kidder serves as the club’s president with the assistance of Nisa Saulekaleka as vice president and Justina Moore as secretary.

With only 10 students who attended the club’s first meeting, the advisor and officers are hoping that more students will build an interest in wanting to be a part of the club to make an impact on the community and themselves.

“I hope that the Legacy Club becomes a campus that can connect … not just students to the outside community, but also faculty and staff to students,” Kidder said. “I feel like students have a disconnect from their professors and members of the faculty and staff, but I would hope that we can bring everyone together.”

For more information about the Legacy Club contact or visit ʻIliahi 231.