Every year, economic students from both colleges and high schools nationwide participate in the music video contest– Rockonomix. This contest requires students to make a music video dubbed with a preexisting song which they have to change the lyrics to based off of economics concepts. For the past two years KCC has produced 1st place award-winning videos for the National Collegiate Rockonomix contest, competing against  mainland schools such as University of Oregon, University of Kentucky, Cal Poly, and University of West Georgia,

M & M, the winning group from the Fall 2015 Rockonomix contest included Brittney Johnson, Matthew Misajon, Chantry Parker, Deran Yamada, and Kalani Yoza. Their music video was a spin on rap artist Eminem’s song, “Lose Yourself,” which they parodied as “Put Yourself in the Market.”

In the Fall 2016 contest, the group that secured KCC’s second 1st place title was the Nomics-Chronics, which consisted of David Clements, Erika Kodama, Kristen Machado, Camille Sibolboro, Brent Vargas. The song that they chose to dub their economics lyrics to was Twenty One Pilot’s “Ride,” which they instead called “Decide.”

Economics teacher, Dr. Jaclyn Lindo, has gotten her Econ 130 students involved with this contest since it started in 2015. These group project collaborations must align with the requirements of having no more than 5 members work on the video, provide subtitles of the lyrics on the screen, and rewrite lyrics that are original and appropriate as they will be judged by the Georgia Council on Economic Education (GCEE).

Because a teacher must submit the Rockonomix video to enter into the contest, students who create the video must be already enrolled in an economics class. In the past, Dr. Lindo has had to choose one video from a collection of students’ works that will be in the running for the contest. This year’s Fall 2017 Rockonomix contest has a deadline of November 28.

The prizes for 1st place are $250 in gift cards for the team and teacher as well as a plaque. 2nd and 3rd place winners receive $150 and $50 in gift cards, respectively.

To see the YouTube videos of KCC’s Economics class from years prior, click here.