By Lexus Yamashiro | Staff Writer

As part of the curriculum for the Accounting 231B Capstone Professional Skills course on campus, students enrolled in this class immediately become a part of its Accounting Club which involves more than just finances.

For Kezzo Pacanuayan, a third-year student enrolled in the ACC 231B course, he initially was surprised to learn about this interconnection within the class. Majoring in Accounting, Pacanuayan was intrigued to know more about what the club had to offer, so when he was given the opportunity to fill the position as the club’s chairperson, he happily took it.

The Accounting Club was designed to help students build connections amongst one another while learning how to network with accounting firms and other businesses in the community. With the goal of preparing students for jobs and internships in the accounting industry, the club organizes excursions to accounting firms to allow students the chance to shadow certified public accountants (CPAs). Other features such as mock interviews to enhance communication skills are offered through the club to keep students engaged and prepared for their future accounting career.

“There’s, like, this nature … that accountants are introverts,” Pacanuayan said with a laugh. “For the Accounting Club, we’re trying to … prepare our students to network, to make friends, [and] to communicate with other people.”

To build this connection for KCC students, the Accounting Club will be hosting its annual fall semester Accounting Student Night on Wednesday, Nov. 1, in the ʻŌhia cafeteria from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. with check-in beginning at 5 p.m. Since the Accounting Club is currently only comprised of students from the ACC 231B class, this event allows the club to open itself to other students on campus. About 25 accounting professionals from firms such as Hawaiʻi Accounting and Glenn Hayashi CPA will be present to provide interested students with accounting information and more.

Themed as “Transaction Wars: May the Numbers be with You,” Student Night is open to students in any major. Free food and door prizes from sponsors will be provided and given out throughout the night. To attend this event, click here to register. KCC faculty and staff members who are also interested in attending can sign up here.

In the past, the club has worked with businesses such as a bubble tea shop to raise funds. Students who participate in these types of social occasions can experience how to network with others in the community while practicing effective communication skills.

Since the club’s revival by coordinator Calvin Tan and accounting professor Kevin Dooley in Fall 2010, the club is attempting to host more events to gain student interest for the accounting world while promoting the idea that joining a student club can be beneficial for the future.

“It’s always been known to an outside professional or potential employer [that] they always look for students who [have] participated in extracurricular activities,” Tan said. “We think that [by] bringing back the club … our students will have the chance to become [a club] officer and at least active members [so that] they can participate in events. It can [help] out their resumes and will help them look for a job down the road.”

For Pacanuayan, being a part of the club has played a meaningful role in terms of deciding his potential accounting career. Debating between becoming an auditor or working in an accounting management department, Pacanuayan ultimately is striving to become a CEO for a corporation. Becoming the club’s chair is what he believes is significantly helping him prepare for his future.

“I’m really grateful to [the club members], I can’t really do my job without them,” Pacanuayan said. “They’re helping me grow, and to pay them back I’m helping them grow as well.”