By Katlin Cilliers| Staff Writer

Word on the street: What should be done to eliminate school shootings in this country?

Gael Baek
Age: 28
Hometown: Canada
Major: Accounting

“Comprehensive … checks, mental health checks, which would encompass mental health checks, and criminal background checks, and also, I think gun education. Between those three … someone who wants to have a fire gun should have those three.”

Kathy Yeung
Age: 20
Hometown: Hong Kong, China
Major: Education

“Security and reinforcement where there should be more security walking around school … and I don’t think Hawai‘i can bear arms right? I think they should … like policy should be constricted, like limited.”

Daisuke Funazumi
Age: 20
Hometown: Osaka, Japan
Major: Liberal Arts

“In Japan or in Florida? Oh, in America? Security. Oh yeah! I know. In America people can have the gun, right? In Japan, people can’t, so Americans should do that. Yeah, stop to having the gun.”

Sarina Foreman
Age: 24
Hometown: Ohio
Major Computer Science

“More regulations or make it harder for people to have access to guns so, like a stricter regulations for it. Yeah, absolutely.”

Monty Downing
Age: 24
Hometown: Honolulu
Major: Art

”I think the biggest key is making it so that guns are less accessible and that also, Japan has a practice, you know, when it comes to being able to access a gun, that they take a bi-yearly exam, you know, just to make sure they’re allowed to, and if we had similar practices, we’d be able to help, you know with that sort of thing so it’s less accessible, for people, for shootings like that to happen.”