Author: Katlin Cilliers

Zane Williams

Zane Williams is a Liberal Arts Major in his fifth semester at KCC. He hopes to graduate with his associate’s degree next semester.

Right after finishing high school in 2014, the Hawaiʻi native moved out of his parents house and went to Utah for two years. There, he worked in construction and attended school for a liberal arts degree. He moved back to Hawaiʻi in 2016.

The 22 year-old plays ‘ukulele and guitar and is trying to learn piano. He would like to become a music teacher in the future. In his free time, Williams enjoys hanging out with his friends.

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Chisato Takahashi

Chisato Takahashi is originally from Tokyo, Japan. She’s a first-year student at KCC with plans to major in marine biology, a field she is passionate about.

Takahashi would like to help protect sea life in the future, but she is still unsure of how she’s going to do that. All she knows is that she’d love to be “out there in the ocean,” she said.

In her free time, the 22-year old enjoys going to the beach, watching sunsets with friends and exploring the island with her host family.

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Voices & Views

  • Kaycee FujiyamaKaycee Fujiyama
    Kaycee Fujiyama is a first-year KCC student. The 19-year-old ʻAiea native is in the Occupational Therapy Assistant Program, focusing her studies specifically for elderly people with Alzheimer's and dementia. Her decision to choose this major was based on the interest she drew from doing service-learning as a volunteer at ʻAiea Heights Senior Living where she realized she enjoyed working with elders. "I decided that I wanted to help [elderly people] and I kind of wanted to encourage them to do things to make sure that they live a happy life," Fujiyama said. Though her service-learning project is finished, Fujiyama said she continues to volunteer at the care home. During her free time, Fujiyama does karate, arts and crafts, and plays the alto saxophone in the band at UH Mānoa. Fujiyama said she plans to transfer to UH Mānoa within two years and is considering looking into the nursing department there.