By Nicole Fernandez | Staff Writer

Everyone appreciates a good movie, but occasionally, everyone can appreciate a really, really bad movie. There’s an appeal to watching a film with such absurd acting, directing, and style that it puts into doubt the sanity of every person involved. For the B movie enthusiast, Netflix has an ample supply. Ahead is a short list of movies that make you wonder how in the world they came into creation in the first place, but secretly happy they did.

“The Adventures of Food Boy” (2008)

Starring Lucas Grabeel (Ryan from “High School Musical”), this wannabe Disney movie is as quirky and low budget as they come. It’s also family-friendly, a bonus the rest of the following films do not have. “The Adventures of Food Boy” is about a high school student who suddenly finds himself capable of conjuring food from his hands at will. It follows the ups and down of his newfound power and the impact it has on his academic and social life. A definite recommendation for when the family wants to enjoy a laid back and innocent film.

“Patchwork” (2015)

Three girls (Tory Stolpher, Tracey Fairway, Maria Blasucci) awaken after a night of partying to discover they’ve been stitched into one body. However, their personalities are still intact, allowing them to embark on a quest to find out who did this to them and why. Though low budget, the film is surprisingly well made. The makeup that created the Frankenstein-inspired monstress is impressive, as is the acting. Plenty of gore and laughs for the horror comedy fan.

“Zombeavers” (2014)

The title tells you all you need to know about this item. It’s one of those movies that is so bad you can’t tear your eyes away. After toxic sludge leaks into a lake, a group of hormonal teenagers are terrorized by – you guessed it – zombified beavers. Body parts are munched and practically every gag a screenwriter can think of is used. It’s not the kind of feature you want to see before going on a vacation to an idyllic cabin in the woods, but it’s hilarious to watch, only because of how genuinely terrible it is.

“Sharknado” (2013)

Amazingly, Netflix actually has five of the “Sharknado” films available, so you will be happy to know that an entire marathon of the disaster horror movies is possible. The Sy-Fy franchise is a tornado of murderous sharks, blood, and over-the-top drama sequences. It is infamous for its mind blowing stupidity, just as all great B movies should be. Tara Reid (“American Reunion”) stars in all five. A sixth and final film was just released in August this year, and it’s likely Netflix will add the shark crazy finale to their list.

“Don’t Kill It” (2016)

Unlike the previous items in this list, “Don’t Kill It” has a few B movie aspects without turning it into a full on cliche. In a little Mississippi town, the residents find themselves haunted by an evil spirit that passes through the locals, wreaking bloody havoc everywhere it goes. ’80s legend Dolph Lundgren plays the demon hunter that arrives to save the town, but faces a problem when the demon is able to possess the person that manages to kill its current host. It’s a fun time killer for anyone, not just horror fans.