By Ayoung Lee | Staff Writer

With less than a week until election day, November 6, there are still ways to get to the polls and vote. For those that aren’t registered to vote yet there is registration on the day of election at your polling place before casting the vote. In need of a ride? Uber and Lyft are offering discounted rides to your polling place. The companies are offering these discounts as most young voters state a lack of ride as an obstacle to voting.

To find your polling place go to Rock The Vote and simply type in your address that you registered or will register in. The corresponding polling location should follow.

To find out more about the candidates you can visit sites like BallotPedia to understand different views and platforms that each candidate has. For a  more comprehensive list on running candidates you can visit the site for a local list.



(Photo courtesy of Mazie Hirono)

Senator Mazie Hirono is a Democrat who has served in the senate seat since 2013 and served in the United States House of Representatives from 2007 to 2013. Hirono is not afraid to step up to fight against the Trump administration when it goes against what she believes is right for the people. She has spoken out publicly against the current Trump administration many times and fought to work against them. Here’s a look at where Hirono stands on other issues:

  • LGBT+
    • Equal rights
    • Voted for same sex marriage
    • Enforces laws against anti-gay discrimination
  • Jobs
    • Votes for raising minimum wages
    • Against gender-based pay discrimination
    • Voted YES on extending unemployment benefits from 39 weeks to 59 weeks (2008)
  • Abortion
    • Pro-choice
    • Co-sponsored providing emergency contraception at military facilities
    • Co-sponsored the assurance of access to and funding for contraception
  • Climate Change
    • Acknowledge climate change and rejoin the Paris Climate Accords
    • Restore the cuts made to climate change research and clean energy programs
    • Push for federal efforts that support Hawaii’s efforts for 100% reliance on renewable energy by 2045

Ron Curtis

(Photo courtesy of Ron Curtis)

Ron Curtis (Republican), who is a retired computer science major, has no political experience. Coming from a family of military members that made him adaptable to change due to constant moving, he holds values that he wishes to bring to our government to make it a better place for the people. Some of these values are opposing excessive influence by elites and special interests over the government and promoting virtue and strong moral foundations in our government. Here’s a look at where Curtis stands on other issues:

  • LGBT+
    • Equal rights
    • Security and protection of the constitution should be granted to all
  • Jobs
    • Get Hawai’i out from under The Jones Act to reduce cost of living
    • Follow up to help out the thousands of people who would be affected in their jobs
  • Abortion
    • Pro-life
    • Votes pro-choice on the belief that government “should do no harm”
    • For passing legislation that encourages mothers to carry to term with medical, maternal care, and adoption assistance if needed
  • Climate Change
    • Implement a gradual and more restrictive carbon emission legislation
    • Support and encourage the migration towards renewable energy with government incentives such as tax breaks



(Photo courtesy of David Ige)

David Ige (Democrat) has been the governor of Hawai’i since Dec. 1, 2014. He believes in clean and renewable energy for Hawai’i and made it a goal to make Hawai’i use 100 percent clean renewable energy have a carbon neutral economy by 2045. Ige is active in working to change school environments to make it more comfortable for students by adding air conditioning units to classrooms. Here’s a look at where Ige stands on other issues:

  • High Cost of Living
    • Reduce cost of education.
    • Allow college credits at high school levels saving families $8,000 – $10,000.
    • Build more affordable housing.
  • Homeless
    • More services for mentally ill and drug abusers.
    • More housing servies.
    • Work together with the state, county, agencies, and the public.
  • Environment
    • Increased funding to go against invasive species while maintaining watersheds for clean drinking water
    • Supports labeling our foods, such as GMOs, but thinks it should be decided on a federal level so that local farmers and retailers don’t have to pay additional costs


(Photo courtesy of Andria Tupola)

Andria Tupola is a Republican who has been in the Hawai‘i House of Representatives since 2014. Tupola believes in lowering taxes for the people and businesses while also using all the federally funded dollars possible to help Hawai’i grow. She believes that whether or not she disagrees with the current political leaders they need to set aside differences and work together. Here’s a look at where Tupola stands on other issues:

  • High Cost of Living
    • Decrease taxes
    • Build affordable homes
  • Homeless
    • Count the homeless
    • Community minded solutions
    • Different solutions for different communities
  • Environment
    • Educate people about environmental protections so that they know why they should and how they can protect the environment
    • Invest in local agriculture instead of just constantly taking from it



(Photo courtesy of Josh Green)

Dr. Josh Green (Democrat) is the current chair of the Human Services Committee after having served in the Hawai’i House of Representatives and State Senate. Green is determined to help the mentally ill and drug addicted homeless situation with his H4 approach: hygiene, acute health care, medical respite, and permanent housing. He also wishes to open more clinics like the one he opened in Chinatown as an option other than the emergency room for the homeless. Here’s a look at where Green stands on other issues:

  • Rail
    • Finish the rail
    • Support jobs
    • Don’t waste the money and time spent
  • Rising Healthcare Costs
    • New healthcare plan that reduces cost by 43% (around $400 million)
    • Send money back to the taxpayers while maintaining better healthcare
  • Tourism
    • Re-brand ourselves as a state that offers more organic lifestyles, a gateway to the East, sustainable agriculture, or health and wellness tourism
    • Illegal vacation rentals are affecting affordable housing and homelessness so audits and investigations need to be done


(Photo courtesy of Marissa Kerns)

Marissa Kerns (Republican) is a owner of a shipping business, Oʻahu Express, and is active in her local community politics. Kerns wants to see taxes reduced and break down the monopolizing businesses that raise the cost of living in Hawai’i. Here’s a look at where Kerns stands on other issues:

  • Rail
    • Privatize
    • Recycle cement using local businesses
    • Toss it in the ocean
  • Rising Healthcare Costs
    • Home care operator costs should be reduced
    • Audits
  • Tourism
    • Legal vacation rentals, such as Airbnb, help tourism by offering affordable and safe places to stay
    • Government has no experience running a business
    • Just another way for Ige to get his political union friends jobs in tourism

For more information on District Representatives and State Representatives, you can find the list of those running at and find their information at or BallotPedia.