By Ayoung Lee | Staff Writer

Word on the Street: Are you registered or prepared for Spring 2019? Which class are you dreading and why?

Kawehi Sellers
Age: 44
Hometown: Kahaluʻu
Occupation: Assistant Professor for Hospitality and Tourism Education (HOST)

“I am [ready to teach my classes]! One of my classes filled up in three days. … The great thing is all of the classes I teach next semester, I’m teaching this semester. [Teachers] love to wait until after the course evaluation … to make small adjustments. I’m not dreading it, but a more challenging course is an online course. [Having a] one-on-one is a little bit harder online and that’s just the challenging part. [Online courses] take a lot more time management skills and a lot more dedication. I’m hoping to see the same sort of enthusiasm as the Fall semester.” 

José Delvalle
Age: 23

Hometown: New York
Major: Nursing

“Yes [I am registered for classes]. [I am dreading] Math 115. I hate math. [I’m dreading it because] I suck at math. When I look at it, it looks like a different language. I use [the study hub] now, but it doesn’t help. Honestly, I think it’s not the study hub, it’s just the teacher because when he explains stuff he still explains it in a different language. … I use a different tutor from the veterans affairs [now] and that’s the way I understand it. I’m looking forward to Anatomy and Physiology 142 … because it’s fun. It just makes sense to me … I make little songs about it.” 

Alisa Kraft
Age: 44
Hometown: California
Major: Nursing

“I haven’t registered for classes yet because we’re new to the area and I just did my application for admissions and I’m just bringing my transcripts in. I don’t really have [a class] that I’m dreading. [I’m looking forward to] pathophysiology the most. … It’s interesting. I like sciences. I used to be a medic in the army … [but] it’s not the same, it’s not the same level of care. … I can put [my experience as a medic] on a resume, but as far as the school is concerned they don’t give you any credit for it really.”

James Lee
Age: 22
Hometown: Hong Kong
Major: Natural Science

“Yes I did [register for classes]. I would say [I’m not looking forward to] chemistry 162, because I’m very weak in chemistry I don’t think I have a very strong foundation for that, and it is very time consuming, and it is very math heavy. … This is one of my major requirement, … I have to take all the way until organic chemistry. I’m looking forward to biology, especially the biology I’m going to take. They called it ecology and evolution. I like to study biology especially animals. I [want to] specialize in herpetology … which is the study of reptiles and amphibians.”

Yoneko Kanaoka
Age: 47
Hometown: Connecticut
Occupation: Professor for English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)

“I haven’t started thinking [about the spring semester] at all. … I’m lucky if I’m prepared for tomorrow’s classes. I will probably start thinking about next semester after final exams this semester. I teach ESOL … [I’ve been teaching] for 25 years and at KCC for seven years. I wouldn’t say I’m dreading teaching, I don’t dread the teaching, but I always dread having to grade student papers. There’s no way around that, I just don’t like that part. I always enjoy meeting my new students … and every new semester has potential so I get excited for the first week of classes.”