By Katlin Cilliers| Staff Writer

Word on the Street: What’s your dream job and why?

Taewon Yun
Age: 22
Hometown: Seoul, South Korea
Major: Business

“I want to be an engineer. Mechanical. Like, airplane stuff. I really like to watching airplanes, like, when I was young. I kind of wanted to control It, but pilot was not like, my thing. So, I decided to be, like …. ‘Engineering’s gotta be cool.’ ”



Dexter Blue
Hometown: Kailua
Major: Culinary

“My actual dream job would be … integrate agriculture with an old-school kind of restaurant, for diabetics or anybody who’s used to kind of healthy eating. Also, try to integrate fish, like aquaculture, along with that, you know? And hopefully be able to successfully maintain it, kind of have a restaurant-garden-aquarium kind of thing, one big [business].” 

Gliezl Fogle
Age: 31
Hometown: Philippines
Major: Nursing

“To become a registered nurse. Since I was young, it’s my dream job. … It’s with regards to my family. Instead of going to the nearest hospital, … I’m planning to just do … [home care.]” 

Deanne Montalbo 
Age: 20
Hometown: Manila, Philippines
Major: English 

“My dream job is basically secondary English studies. So, I’ve always been interested in learning languages, like, currently right now I’m learning Korean, because I already learned English, and Japanese. And … my native language is Tagalog, so I’m really interested in learning different kind[s] of cultures, so I want to teach English to foreign students.”

Kalae Bennett 
Age: 18
Hometown: Kaneohe
Major: Computer Science

“Work for YouTube. Make a lot of money.”