By Nicole Fernandez | Staff Writer

With classes having started, many first-year KCC students are still trying to figure out how to navigate college life. Relax. Here are some insider information from an upperclassman who has picked up a few useful tips and tricks over the years.

  • Get to campus early, or arrive just 20 minutes before class starts
    • Parking at KCC is always a problem for those who drive. Despite the multiple lots, many are left slowly driving around for long periods of time hoping to snag a spot. To beat the crowd, it’s recommended to get to campus as early as 8 a.m. Most of the classes in the morning are not as heavily filled as those during midday, meaning more available parking. Another cheat is to only arrive 20 minutes before class starts. Every class follows the same schedule, therefore the 15-minute break between classes is the perfect window as the students who are finished with their day leave.
  • Extra parking
    • Across the road from KCC is Diamond Head Theater, and behind the theater is a parking lot with spaces available for KCC. Not many know about it, which makes it great for anyone who doesn’t want to drive in circles and battle others for a spot. It’s not as big as the lots on campus, but it’s open for students during the day and is only a few short steps away. 
  • Wear cool clothes, but bring a warm sweater/jacket 
    • Hawai‘i weather is notoriously warm, and paired with KCC’s less-than-flat campus, trekking between classes and from the parking lots can leave a person sweaty. Thankfully, all of the buildings have air conditioning, but that also means it can go from uncomfortably hot to uncomfortably cold in a few minutes. Dressing cool can help deal with the outside heat while bringing along any sort of outerwear will provide much-needed warmth in the classroom.
  • Don’t be afraid to cut across the Great Lawn
    • The Great Lawn is at the center of campus, with most of the buildings spread along its edges. Many new students prefer to circumvent the field rather than risk possible consequences and unwanted attention. Spoiler: There’s no rule preventing people from walking across it. Cut across the field; it’s not a big deal and can save time.
  • Utilize the library not just for the computers and books
    • Lama Library is a great place to study, chill out quietly with friends, and surprisingly, take naps. There is a dedicated area along the right side of the building that holds several couches where students are allowed to lay down and rest for as long as they want. It’s always quiet, so it’s not difficult to fall asleep.
  • Bring snacks
    • Although there are several locations on campus that offer food, they are not always affordable for students. Plus, sometimes there’s just no time to stop by Subway or the cafeteria before class starts. Most teachers allow eating as long as the noise and smell don’t distract others; just make sure to ask beforehand. A full meal isn’t necessary, but a cup of yogurt, baggie of fruits or PB&J sandwich can provide some fuel throughout the day.