By Kiana Dulan | Staff Writer

Performing in talent shows since fourth grade, KapCC student Sophia Daniel decided that BOSA’s first virtual talent show this past Nov. 18 would be a great event to invest time in. 

BOSA compiled a video with a total of 10 submissions from students and faculty, all of which ranged from videos of acrobatic tandem surfing to pictures of sculptures made by BOSA’s secretary Linda Tao. This video was 30 minutes long and repeated during the live stream on YouTube from 5-7 p.m. with a max total of 16 viewers. Those who were not able to attend can still access the video on BOSA’s YouTube channel.

No winners were selected as it was just an opportunity for students and others to share their talents. Some other entries include “Mele Haena,” a seated hula noho with stones performed by KapCC professor Elaina Malm, artwork by KapCC students Serey Panha Sok and Patricia Taylor, and singing performances by faculty Mark Kunimune and KapCC students Kyle Telles singing “Lead the Way” by Mariah Carey and Jonathan Paez singing “We Could Happen” by AJ Rafael. A talent that would have not otherwise been shown if the showcase were in-person is tandem surfing performed by Brittny Ige at Pops Waikiki.

Because of the talent show’s online modality, Daniel decided to submit a music video of her singing “Say You Won’t Let Go” by James Arthur. Whenever performing in front of people at past talent shows, Daniel would always get a little nervous but did not experience this situation this time around.

However, she did experience other difficulties. She recorded the singing part on her laptop and performed around her sister’s backyard with her sister also as the cameraman, but because it was so windy on that day, she remarked that it was sometimes difficult to hear her audio while lip-syncing for the video.

Her sister did not have any camera experience prior, but Daniel said that she did take film classes in high school and even made a music video or two. She never took voice lessons, but also said that she probably never will since they’re expensive and she doesn’t imagine herself singing for her career.

Acknowledging that her main motivation to submit an entry was because she enjoyed singing, she also hoped to bring joy to those who were watching.

“I’m glad that I did this because a lot of people during this time are sad or lonely or depressed, and it’s a difficult time for all of us, so I just wanted to use this video to bring light and happiness to those who are watching,” Daniel said.

Daniel said she’s open to collaborating with other people who are interested in sharing their talent if BOSA hosts another talent show for next semester, but BOSA vice-chair Kelly Hwang said that a spring showcase is highly unlikely because of the minimal amount of entries during this fall. However, the goal of the showcase was not only for students, faculty, and staff to show off their talent, but to also be introduced to each other outside of class.

“No one really gets to meet each other,” Hwang said. “We wanted to have an opportunity where students, faculty, and staff could meet each other, even though it might be virtually.”

She said that they will be hosting a spring event where students get to meet faculty outside of classrooms, similar to KapCC’s Manaʻo Mondays. BOSA is planning on sending out a campus-wide survey to determine what events students would like to have next semester. Meanwhile, Hwang said that BOSA is planning on having more online social game nights, and they even have possible, socially-distanced on-campus events planned for next semester.

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