By Juri Dagio | Staff Writer

Min Seo Kim is a 21-year-old international student from Seoul, South Korea. As soon after she graduated high school in Kofu, Yamanashi in Japan, she moved to Chitose, Hokkaido, where she attended a university for a year. After living in Japan for four years, Kim came to Hawai’i.

Prior to entering KCC, she studied at Institute of Intensive English in Waikiki. She is majoring in Hospitality and Tourism to fulfill her goal of becoming a flight attendant.

“I thought travelling industry is very popular in Hawai’i, so I chose [to go to] Hawai’i,” she said. “My friends and my English school teachers highly recommended KCC, so I chose KCC then.”

Whenever she can, Kim visits beaches around Honolulu. She particularly enjoys the touristy atmosphere of Waikīkī Beach. Apart from her hobby of going to beaches, she also loves to call her family in Seoul to check on her pet dog named Rio. She usually walks Rio 4-5 hours a day ー an activity she misses from home.