By Cameron Enomoto | Staff Writer

Trisha Viejo is a 26-year-old student at Kapiʻolani Community College who aspires to be a music major. Viejo currently works as a pediatric dental assistant, though her passion is music.

“I just wanted to major in something different,” Viejo said. “You know when you do the same thing over again it gets tiring. I don’t want a degree to use for dental practice.”

She plays piano for the synthesizer ensemble on campus and enjoys practicing outside of class to improve her skills. While she is not learning how to play any additional instruments at the moment, it is part of her goal as a musician to do so in the future.

“I don’t have a favorite song to play,” Viejo said. “I have fun with the songs I play in class like ‘Howl’s Moving Castle.'”

During her free time, Viejo enjoys going for walks with her German spitz, Starr, and painting.