If you are staying on the island for Spring Break, hiking is a good outdoor activity to enjoy with your family and friends. (Photo courtesy of Faith Gabour)

By Juri Dagio | Staff Writer

Many of college students have plans to enjoy a rewarding vacation week after midterms. For those who do intend to stay on the island, there are many activities to enjoy during the break. I’ve created a list of how to make the most of Spring Break each day without breaking your bank account.

Day 1 – Monday – Visit family and/or friends

Spring Break should begin with a sense of relaxation; to breathe a little and feel the long-awaited break has finally arrived. Spend time together enjoying dinner, watching movies, or just hanging out; it is the perfect time to reserve your energy for a more productive vacation week.

Day 2 – Tuesday – Cinema

Home movie marathons are fun, but so is watching “Scream VI” on the big screen. On Tuesdays, Consolidated theaters celebrate “Mahalo Day,” where movie tickets are only $10.

Here’s a list of blockbuster movies to watch at any Regal and Consolidated theaters:

“Scream VI”

“Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania”

“DEMON SLAYER – To the Swordmith Village

“Avatar: The Way of Water”

“Creed III”

Day 3 – Wednesday – Submarine tour (Atlantis Adventures)

Explore Waikīkī’s marine mysteries 100 feet below the surface. Within view of Diamond Head, the submarine tour dive site is home to green sea turtles, sharks, eels, and many other species of marine life living in sunken ships, pyramid structures, and others. A submarine tour of 1 hour and 30 minutes will cost about $150 and will require online booking.

Day 4 – Thursday Outdoor activities

Get out there and do anything outdoors you’ve been putting off during the first quarter of the semester: hiking, surfing, snorkeling, and many more outdoor activities to enjoy on the island.

Hiking locations to consider:

Mānoa Falls Trail – This trail is one of the easiest hikes on all O’ahu. Despite its location in the capital, the gushing waterfall located in an enchanting rainforest of Mānoa Valley offers an undemanding hike.

Diamond Head – While fairly steep, this 1-hour hike is considered to be a beginner-friendly hike that provides a beautiful ocean views all year round.

Lanikai Pillbox – A challenging route with steep sections that does not have guardrails. Sounds dangerous, but wait until you witness what Kailua and Lanikai looks like from above. This is a hell of a hike but a trip to heaven for sure.



Waikīkī Beach provides forgiving waves that is good for surfing beginners. (Photo courtesy of Moses Dela Torre)

Waikīkī Beach – The friendly learning conditions of Waikīkī Beach is what attracts many tourists to learn surfing here. The small, rolling waves can help your goal to learn, even if it is just standing up on a board.

Chun’s Reef (North Shore) – A non-swimmable area, Chun’s Reef is considered a surfer’s paradise. For a more experienced surfer, this location is one of the best spots to catch more competitive waves.

Turtle Bay (North Shore) – Turtle Bay Beach is popular among surfers due to its location on the North Shore. It is also famous for the turtles, obviously.


Sharks Cove (Haleiwa) – Don’t be fooled by its anxiety-inducing title; there are no sharks in Sharks Cove. In fact, it is a home for smaller fishes that inhabits the coral reefs under its pristine blue water.

Hanauma Bay (Hawaii Kai) – As the bay is located within a volcanic cone, its diverse marine ecosystem is protected by crater walls and a reef that keeps the water calm perfect for snorkeling and swimming.

Electric Beach (Kahe Point Beach Park) – Although the beach is not surrounded by palm trees that would certainly add an aesthetic, the action underneath is undoubtedly perfect for snorkeling due to the warm water from the power plant nearby (the reason for its name “Electrics”).

Day 5 – Friday – Road trip around the island

Taking a drive around O’ahu takes just four hours, plus a few hours for stops along the way makes this a great day for exploring. Get a smoothie on Kahuku farms on North Shore, visit Kailua Beach on the East shore, and explore the Mermaid Caves on West O’ahu – it is solely up to you.

Day 6 – Saturday – Learn something new

Learn a new skill you can use throughout the semester by picking up a new hobby. Get that guitar you bought a year ago out of the closet, or maybe teach yourself some math. Give the heart something to grow fond of.

Day 7 – Sunday – Beach Day

Nothing can beat relaxation at the beach. Tidy your schedule up in the sun while you lay on the sand and enjoy the views on these popular beaches on the island, among the locals.

China Walls (Hanapepe Loop, Honolulu) – Lava rock ledges resting on jumpable cliffs provide an adventurous atmosphere without much effort. Taking a dip, or just relaxing on the rocks is a good way to make sure you are ready for the new semester.

Waimānalo Bay Beach – This beach and recreational park is rarely visited by tourists. Lay on its soft white sand and feel the non-touristy side of Hawai’i.

Sandy’s Beach (South Shore) – Take a break and enjoy the sound of waves at Sandy’s. It’s a popular spot among surfers, so if you are looking for surf friends, this is the place to go.

Enjoy the Spring Break!