By Lexus Yamashiro | Staff Writer

Word on the Street: What show have you recently binge-watched and why?

Jonalyn Nacario 
Age: 20
Hometown: Kalihi
Major: Pre-Nursing

“Hmm, what show? I think it’s called ‘Manifest,’ I got hooked onto it just, like, recently and it’s about … multiple people that took a trip on an airplane and … they, like, traveled through a parallel, not universe but a parallel time. They didn’t know that they were gone for five years, but the people back home thought they were dead because the plane … they couldn’t find it. But the people on the plane, they weren’t aware of it at all. All they knew is they were going back to their destination without the knowledge that they were gone for five years. … After a week’s time once they came back, they were developing various kinds of powers, it was different, like, among every individual. So yeah, it’s pretty cool.”

Bruno Penteado 
Age: 37
Hometown: São Paulo, Brazil
Major: Tourism Management

“I think we are watching the third season of … what’s the name of the T.V. series on Netflix? Oh, ‘Blacklist,’ yeah. I think they talk about war conspiracy and … they have … a former criminal who helps the police to find huge criminals that usually they don’t find. It’s very nice.”

Samiyah Jackson 
Age: 19
Hometown: Honolulu
Major: Information Technology

“Hmm, last show … uhh … ‘The Office.’ Yeah, I like ‘The Office’ [because of] the humor.”

Kristy Matsueda 
Age: 19
Hometown: Hawaiʻi Kai
Major: Natural Sciences

“[Laughs] Honestly, I don’t have a life but I guess the most recent was ‘Orange Is the New Black’ just ’cause it’s very suspenseful and keeps you on the edge.”

Nicole Pomare 
Age: 22
Hometown: Waiʻanae
Major: Liberal Arts

“Okay, so right now I’m binge-watching ‘Blacklist’ on Netflix and it’s about this … FBI’s most wanted guy, he comes out of hiding to connect with this FBI agent. … I’m, like, on season four … I still don’t know how they’re related or how they’re connected but he kind of helps them find other criminals and he brings them to justice. I’m not explaining it right but it’s just great and I would definitely recommend it. I definitely choose it over homework [laughs].”