By Juri Dagio | Staff Writer

Word on the Street: What activities do you wish KCC had but they do not at this time?

Jet Cordero
Age: 21
Hometown: Kāhala
Major: Finance

“I was wondering if there’s any swimming teams, swimming club … any water activity.”

Yoneko Kanaoka
Years worked at KCC: 12 years
Hometown: New London, Connecticut
Department: English as a Second Language professor

“I feel like this is a little bit off topic but I really wish that KCC had a really good coffee shop that has a lounge area. Like I know we have the bookstore, but like a space where people could gather. You know how at Starbucks, you can go and you can have coffee, study, hangout and talk … or like at some schools, there’s a lounge area where people can chat informally. I feel like KCC doesn’t have a space like that.”

Emy Rose Erwin
Age: 22
Hometown: Punchbowl
Major: Education

“I think on this field [the Great Lawn]; it’s such a beautiful field, and there’s no activity going on. I wish there’s some kind of game going on.”

Yuga Tsuji
Age: 21
Hometown: Mie, Japan
Major: Accounting

“Golfing. I’m considering playing golf in a tournament or in something like that, but they don’t have it here [at KCC] so I wish they have a golf club.”

Jiin Lee
Age: 19
Hometown: Seoul, South Korea
Major: Liberal Arts

“I think they need to make some sessions that allows students to make a peer group for studying.”