Author: Katlin Cilliers

Imie Rose Zaluaga

Imie came to Hawai‘i from Cagayan de Oro City, in the Philippines, two years ago. She started school last fall, and is taking general education courses at the moment. Her sister owns a care home, and she currently works as a Certified Nurse Assistant — CNA — there, helping to take care of three patients.

The job experience has motivated Imie to further her studies and pursue a career in nursing. However, the 23-year old believes “it is really hard to get into nursing school”. In her free time, she enjoys the beautiful hikes and beaches on the island. Her favorite is Lanikai beach, in Kailua.

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Mikey Simmons

Mikey Simmons moved to Hawai‘i from Osaka, Japan, six months ago. He plans on staying for another two years to get his associate’s degree in Liberal Arts. He is currently struggling with his ESL 100 class, which he considers really hard.

“I’m not good at writing. I’m asking to native speakers to help with grammar and suggestions.”

When asked about what makes him tick, Mikey immediately says “music”. He shares that back in Japan, he was in two different bands. He enjoyed playing the guitar in a rock band and the saxophone in a jazz one.

“I’d love to have a band here, too.”

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Wayne Glene

Wayne Glene, 54, has been living in Hawai‘i since 2009, after serving as a medical technician in the Air Force. In Hawai‘i, he worked as a home care worker. He then noticed that the field lacked people who were qualified in social work. That helped the Cleveland, Ohio, native decide on his academic path, which he was able to pursue after being granted the GI Bill, the military assistance that provides education to service members.

Glene describes himself as a simple person, who enjoys the wind blowing, sunshine and nice conversations. He lives in Hawai‘i by himself but declares that his special one is in Japan at the moment. He deals with the distance by staying positive.

“Don’t look at the borders, don’t look at the distance, just let the love flow,” he said.

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  • Yilin WanYilin Wan
    Yilin Wan, a 20-year old aspiring psychologist, is preparing to graduate from KCC and will be transferring to UH Mānoa to pursue a BA in Psychology next semester. “I am very excited to go back to China for the summer,” Yilin said. “Most of my friends back in China who are in college will not be on summer break until July, but I will spend time with family before seeing them.” Yilin is from Wuhan, China, and has lived on O‘ahu for almost four years. She currently spends her free time studying for upcoming finals but still makes time for watching anime, her current favorite being “Kino’s Journey.” Yilin also works as a note taker on campus and is currently taking Chinese 290 as a native Mandarin speaker. “While I am home for the summer I will travel to Guangzhou, Liuzhou, and Shanghai,” Yilin said. “I hope to go to Disneyland while in Shanghai.”