By Katlin Cilliers | Staff Writer

Word on the street: What would you do if you couldn’t watch TV or go online for a month?

Athena Figueroa
Age: 19
Hometown: ‘Aiea
Major: Liberal Arts

“That’s a hard one! I guess just eat a whole bunch of food. Yeah that’s probably what I’d go with.”

Neltina Kattil
Age: 19
Hometown: Honolulu
Major: Liberal Arts

“I think I’d finally have and excuse to go out and socialize. That’s happened before and I went out with friends and family.”

Marianne Nicole Agdeppa
Age: 18
Hometown: Salt Lake
Major: Liberal Arts

“I have siblings so I’d go outside and play with them. They’re 10 and 11. We’d play tag, although I can’t really run or keep up with them.”

Lauren Valenciano
Age: 19
Hometown: Honolulu
Major: Radiology

“That’s a good question. If I couldn’t go online or TV, I would be at the beach, with my family and hanging out. Because when we’re together we are not on our phones or any technology or anything, we’re talking and, you know, just together. When we’re together, yeah, no phones. We’re just having so much fun, we don’t think about our phones. We take pictures, but not [much else.]”

Scott Jackson
Age: 29
Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio
Major: Physical Therapist Assistant

“For a month? I’d probably just cruise surfing the whole time. I could easily get by, like, beach time, cruise time. The only thing is music, so I’d have to figure out an alternative. But I play guitar and sing, I do solo gigs in some bars in Waikīkī or when I’m up on the North Shore. I can entertain myself. I did a month on a boat when I was in the Marine without internet stuff already, so I’m pretty well acclimated to it, especially here in Hawai‘i where we are very spoiled [for choice of outdoor activities.]”