By Lexus Yamashiro | Staff Writer

The Lama Library is searching for student facilitators who can help during International Games Day (IGD) that is held in February every year.

“We are looking for students who have been in the Study Abroad Program to work for honorarium (pay),” said Joy Oehlers, a librarian in Lama Library. “We are also hoping that some who potentially might join Study Abroad will be able to volunteer for us.”

Former Study Abroad students who apply to become a student facilitator for this event will receive a stipend hourly to their own flexible schedule. The library is even accepting students who may potentially join Study Abroad to volunteer for IGD. The student is expected to be engaging amongst other students on campus who stop by or stay for the event, and be able to provide information about the different countries around the world.

An application for a position as a student facilitator will be available around Oct. 21.


Various button designs representing different cultures from around the world sit side by side of the button making machine (Photo by Lexus Yamashiro)

“We always have food samples outside of the library for students to try from around the world,” said Oehlers. “… We want students who work for International Games day to be able to hand out food samples and drinks and be able to make buttons with students that represent international cultures.”

IGD began about three years ago and is normally held around the time of Spring Fest. Student facilitators get to pass out food samples and drinks that are made from around the world to help promote the Study Abroad Program that is offered on campus. Students who come to check out this event get to make buttons that represent international culture with the student facilitators, and do  “Language Learning Speed Dating” to learn the various languages from around the world.

“This is a really good opportunity for the students to make new friends and get to learn about the different cultures we have around the world, and it really helps to promote our Study Abroad Freeman Program,” said Oehlers. “So I really hope that we’ll get a lot of former Study Abroad students to apply and help us, and even potential Study Abroad students too.”

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