By Nakoa Nunies | Staff Writer

The absolute worst feeling in the world is when you finish the very last episode of your favorite TV show. It’s almost as if your missing a piece of yourself. Don’t worry because I got you covered with a list of shows on Netflix that you can binge on anytime.

Since this list is most based on binge-able shows, I will be excluding shows with no more than two seasons.

10. “Vampire Diaries”
Kicking off the list with “Vampire Diaries” a thrilling drama that takes place in mystic falls. A mysterious town with a haunting history. The show is focused on Elena Gilbert, a young girl who falls into a twisted love triangle between two immortal brothers and faces the struggles of being caught up in the supernatural world.  Action packed with vampires, witches, and more, “Vampire diaries” is a binge-worthy show perfect for any long and with 8 seasons you could spend a whole week binging on this show.

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9. “Grey’s Anatomy”
This heartbreaking drama series has over 12 seasons on Netflix alone and is perfect for the constant binger. Following Meredith Grey, and her journey to become the best surgeon at Seattle Grace Hospital. Where anything that could possibly happen in an E.R does, and the competition to be the best is dangerously intense.

8. “Glee”
When teacher Will Schuster decides to take over his high school glee club, things take a turn with the New Directions. Students have a place to find acceptance and their voice while facing the crushing realities of high school. Filled with many different genres of music, and never-ending dramas of growing up, “Glee” is perfect for a long weekend of bingeing.

7. “Prison Break”
Wouldn’t you do anything for your family? When Lincoln Burrows is wrongly accused of a crime he didn’t commit, his brother Micheal Scofield proves that he is willing to do anything to save him. After getting inked up and incarcerated, Micheal works hard to break Lincon out of prison before his execution.

6. “Lost Girl”
Taking killer kiss to a whole new meaning is “Lost Girl.” The shows about a woman named Bo, who has been on the run ever since a sexual encounter killed her boyfriend. Her whole world changes when she discovers that she is not even human, she’s a succubus. And that there is a secret species of fairytale creatures known as the “Fae.” Separated as the light fae and the dark fae. When bo refuses to choose a side, things get ugly. This Canadian series has 5 seasons on Netflix and is perfect for the late night binger.

5. “Arrow”
After being stranded on an island for 5 years and being presumed dead, rich playboy Oliver queen returns to his hometown of starling city. But he is not the same person he was, his experiences on the island turned him into a crime-fighting vigilante. This shows action-packed and wildly addicting with a whole bunch of twists and turns. Once you start watching you won’t wanna stop.

4. “American Horror Story”
Unlike other shows, “American Horror Story” changes the plot and theme each season. However, they do like to keep some cast members around for the new seasons. It’s interesting to see the same actor or actress playing a different role. The best part of AHS is you don’t have to start off from the first season because each season has a new plot.

3. “Orange Is The New Black”
Changing everyone’s perspective on life in prison, “Orange Is The New Black” follows Piper Chapman a 30-year-old Caucasian woman who is sentenced to prison for a crime committed 10 years ago. The worst part is the fact that she has to spend her 15 months in prison with her drug-dealing ex-girlfriend. The show gives a glimpse of what life is like in prison from the romance between guards and inmates to the friendships between the inmates of Litchfield Prison.

2. “Once Upon A Time”
Rewriting the classic Disney fairy tales we all know and love, “Once upon a time” puts a new twist on our favorite childhood stories.  The show introduces Emma Swan, a bail bonds collector with a mysterious past. Everything changes for her when the child she gave up a decade ago shows up to her door. Thing gets even more strange when he tells her that her mother and father are Snow White and Prince charming and that is her destiny to save her family.

1. “That ’70s Show”
With 7 seasons, “That ’70s Show” is one of my personal favorite shows to binge on. Taking place in 1970 in the suburbs of Wisconsin, this show follows Eric Forman and his group of friends who like to hang out in Eric’s basement. Dealing with the day to day struggles of being a teenager and facing the harsh reality of growing up. The gang finds comfort with friends every time they “circle up.” “That ’70’s Show” is a comedic sitcom perfect for college students.